Snow Plow

The invention is amanually operated snow plow blade with ergonomic features whichenables the user to use the force of the entire body to remove snow.

  • Padded ShoulderSupports
  • TelescopicHandle
  • AdjustableBlade Angle
  • Wheeled Chassis
  • Reduce BackPain or Injury


Patent #8,166,677

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Thomas L. Woyak of Dousman,WI has developed a safer and less strenuousmeans of removing snow from walkways.

Thoseof us who live in areas where the winter climate brings snow know alltoo well of the work associated with the snow removal process. Unfortunately, the process comes with its disadvantages, includingthe risk of back pain or injury that may result from lifting heavyloads of snow. Shovel users are forced to bend over and lift up withall of their might, making the risk of back pain or injury a likelyoccurrence. Inventor Woyak has created a meansby which snow can be safely removed without risking back injury.

Thisclever new invention has comfortably padded shoulder supports thatare attached to the adjustable telescopic support bars, reducing therisk of back pain or injury. The blade angle is adjustable in orderto deflect the snow in the desired direction. Also, the wheeledchassis allows for a smoother ride over uneven pavement andsidewalks. The use of the Snow Plowprovides for a safe and efficient means by which snow can be removedby using force from the entire body.

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