Smoke Detector Testing Tool

  • Dispenses Smoketo Test with Cover
  • Releases Airfor Cleaning
  • Magnet andProbe Adaptors for Test Switches
  • Screwdriver andAllen Wrench in Handle
  • Extends toSeven Feet
  • Barcode Storage


Patent #8,205,478

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Richard David Hallisey of Malden,MA has developed a tool for testing and cleaningsmoke detectors, ensuring that they operate with optimum efficiency.

Asmost detectors are at an elevated location, ladders or other devicesare often required to perform testing sequences. This additionalcomplication leads to additional time and effort, thus causing manyto skip such testing. Accordingly, there exists a need for a means bywhich adequate testing and maintenance of smoke detectors can beperformed without the disadvantages as listed above. The developmentof the Smoke Detector Testing Tool fulfills this need.

Thisclever new invention features a magnetic adaptor for smoke detectorswitches and a probe detector for smoke detector testing switches. Itdispenses smoke for testing and air for cleaning. The unit extends toseven feet with a screwdriver and Allen wrench in the handle. The useof the Smoke Detector Testing Tool provides a means to testsmoke detectors for optimum operating efficiency.

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