Sling for Archery Bow

Introducing the Sling for Archery Bow -- a retractable carrying device for a bow.

  • Allows Hunting Bows to be Carried in Field
  • Does Not Subject Bow to Damage
  • Bow is Quickly Accessible for a Shot
  • Quiet to Prevent Scaring Game
  • Attaches to Any Type of Bow


Utility Patent #9,146,073

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Andre Roy of Wawa, ON has created a retractable carrying device for a bow.

Over the years, modern advances in bow hunting equipment have enhanced the sport, providing hunters with increased success. Hunters commonly transport gear to a field site in a backpack or special case, however transporting the bow itself presents a problem. Many hunters simply carry it in their hand which quickly becomes heavy no matter how light the bow is. Others may place it in a case, but removing it from the case is a noisy and time consuming process if it is quickly needed for a shot. Some hunters may carry it with the bow string over their shoulder which subjects the bow to damage and can become painful to ones shoulder. Inventor Roy has created a means by which a hunting bow can easily be carried without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention allows hunting bows to be carried in the field. It does not subject the bow to damage. The bow is quickly accessible for a shot. It reduces the likelihood of making noise and scaring possible game. The device attaches to any type of bow. The use of the Sling for Archery Bow provides for the easy transportation of a bow under field conditions, but allows it to remain instantly available for quiet and stealthy use.

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