Sleep Aid Garment

The Sleep Aid Garment is designed to reduce snoring by eliminating the tendency to sleep on ones back.

  • Keeps People Sleeping on Their Sides
  • Pockets Hold Tennis-Sized Balls
  • Flaps Keep Balls in Place
  • Functions as Conventional Pajamas
  • Low Cost and Simple


Design Patent D685,157

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bruce D. Lamb of Lethbridge, AB has created a garment to reduce snoring by eliminating the tendency to sleep on ones back.

Many people snore while sleeping. Those who live with snorers know that getting a good nights sleep often proves difficult. Many times, simply sleeping on ones side or stomach eliminates snoring. However, keeping people sleeping in these positions is difficult as many people may prefer to sleep on their back. A common trick is to sew tennis balls into the back of ones pajamas to keep one from lying on their back. Many people do not have the necessary seamstress skills to accomplish this and removing the balls for washing can be difficult. Inventor Lamb has created pajamas that can be easily modified to accept tennis balls in order to keep a sleeper off their back in an effort to avoid snoring.

This clever new invention keeps people sleeping on their sides. The invention functions as conventional pajamas. Pockets hold tennis-sized balls and flaps keep the balls in place. It is low in cost and simple. The use of the Sleep Aid Garment reduces the tendency to snore, and thus the tendency to annoy others nearby, in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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