Skid Mounted Scissor Lift Platform

Our Skid mounted Scissor Lift Platform with a hydraulically operated attachment will provide elevation to inaccessible areas.

  • Attaches to Skid Loader
  • Integral Pivot Joint Keeps Platform Level
  • Easy One Person Operation
  • Increases Safety over Ladders or Scaffolding
  • Can be Stored Easily


Utility Patent #8,910,677

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dallas Samuel Jensen of Dodge Center, MN has designed a hydraulically operated attachment for skid loaders which provides the functionally of a scissor lift. 

Scissors lifts, or hydraulically operated scaffolding, are extremely useful in the construction and maintenance industries.  They provide a stable elevated work surface that is easy to erect, and most importantly, safe.  Unfortunately, such scissors lifts are extremely expensive to own, especially, if they are only used occasionally.  Even renting is not always an option, especially if at a remote location. Finally, while the actual scissors portion of the lift is generally simple, straight forward, and low cost, it is the base of the unit, with its heavy mass, power units, hydraulic pumps, and transportation system, where most of the cost is experienced.  Even if one should purchase a scissor lift for use, it occupies a large amount of storage space when not being used.  Inventor Jensen has created a means by which the functionality of a scissor lift can be utilized with the current disadvantages.  

This clever new invention attaches to skid loader, and features an integral pivot joint that keeps the platform level.  It is easy and convenient for only one person to operate, and increases safety over the use of ladders or scaffolding.  Additionally, the invention is much easier to store than traditional scissor lifts and the like. The use of the Skid Mounted Scissor Lift Platform provides for the complete functionality of a scissor lift with reduced costs, floor space usage, and increased simplicity.
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