Skidding Accessory for Lawn Furniture

The invention is a foot attachment for various pieces of lawn furniture that ensures the grass surface does not become damaged when heavy furniture is moved.

  • Slides Furniture Across Lawn
  • Furniture Easily Moved By One Person
  • 3-in-1 Coaster Adapts for Leg Types
  • Unique Design Preserves Lawn
  • Drain Holes Eliminates Water Build Up


Design Patent #D741,156

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bruce E. LaFlair, Sr. of Ogdensburg, NY has designed a simple device to help keep a lawn surface looking its best, even after moving heavy lawn furniture across the grass.

Many homeowners have lawn furniture in their yard to allow them to comfortably enjoy relaxing outdoors. During regular lawn care, it often becomes necessary to move the lawn furniture out of the way. The design and size of most furniture requires two or more people to lift up the furniture and move it. Should only one person be available, it is often dragged across the lawn only to damage the grass surface as well as the furniture itself. Another problem arises when one tries to sit in a chair when the surface is moist, which usually results in the chair leg sinking down into the grass. Inventor LaFlair has created a small coaster-like product to set the furniture upon to prevent such destructive problems from occurring.

This clever new invention allows furniture to slide across lawn surfaces with its unique design to help preserve lawns. It has a 3-in-1 coaster which can adapt to all shapes and sizes of furniture legs and includes drain holes to eliminate water build up. Also, the invention allows furniture to be easily moved by only one person. The use of the Skidding Accessory for Lawn Furniture provides a quick and easy means for using and moving lawn furniture without harming the lawn surface.

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