Sinus Passage Expansion Device

The Sinus Passage Expansion Device is an apparatus designed to improve night-time breathing and reduce snoring.

  • Clears Airway for a Full Night of Sleep
  • Allows More Air to Enter the Sinus Cavity
  • Works to Prevent Snoring
  • Can Be Washed and Reused Over and Over
  • More Effective than Other Means


Patent #9,782,289

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Farhoud Z. Rastegar, a dentist from San Diego, CA has created an apparatus designed to improve night-time breathing and reduce snoring.

People that suffer from asthma, allergies, or sinus problems know all too well of the difficulties they face in trying to get a good nights sleep. As a dentist, Inventor Rastegar understands the challenges a patient faces when theyre not able to breathe easily at night. The trouble can lie in the throat and soft palate area. However, Inventor Rastegar believes that an important factor of breathing easily is a clear passage through the nasal cavity. Therefore he has created a means by which air flow through the nose and nasal cavities can be optimized.

This clever new invention clears ones airway for a full night of sleep without the use of any medications. It allows more air to enter the sinus cavity. It works to prevent snoring and increase oxygen intake. The device can be washed and reused over and over. It is more effective than other means on the market. The use of the Sinus Passage Expansion Device provides enhanced breathing ability which reduces snoring in a manner which is quick, easy, effective, and most importantly, safe.

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