Side Opening Trash Can

The Side Opening Trash Can is an apparatus designed to make it easier to remove filled trash can liners from large trash cans.

  • Bags Simply Slide Out Without Issue
  • Works with Standard, Readily Available Liners
  • Holds Large Quantity of Trash
  • No Mess or Frustration
  • Great for the Elderly or Physically Disabled Who Cannot Lift Heavy Bags


Design Patent #D793,643

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Deborah Ramirez of Kermit, TX has created an apparatus designed to make it simple to remove filled liners from large trash cans.

Although straightforward in routine, dealing with trash can be tricky, especially when the trash is placed into trash cans that use a liner. More often than not, lifting the liner from the can causes the liner to tear when attempting to dislodge it. This can be both frustrating and messy. This especially causes a burden on the disabled or elderly who do not have the physical strength to lift a full trash can liner several feet in the air. Inventor Ramirez has created a means by which trash can liners can easily be removed from trash cans.

This clever new invention allows trash bags to simply slide out without issue. The device works with standard, readily available liners. It holds a large quantity of trash. Skip the mess and frustration. The invention is great for the physically disabled or elderly who cannot lift heavy bags. The use of the Side Opening Trash Can provides a unique alternative to conventional trash cans that allows one to remove full liners in a quick, easy, and efficient manner.

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