Side Mirror System With Video Display

The invention is an apparatus that provides an electronic image of the area around the right side and rear of a large tractor trailer rig.

  • Side and rear cameras
  • Monitor On Side View Mirror
  • Switchable Between Two Views
  • Eliminates Blind Spots
  • Do It Yourself Installation


Utility Patent #8,670,035

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marc Robert of Ottawa, ON has developed a method for truck drivers to see their dangerous blind spots.

Drivers of larger tractor trailer rigs have a commanding view of the road while traveling down the highway, but their view is very limited when changing lanes or backing up into a tight loading dock. Mirrors help to some extent, but require the driver to quickly move their head in a 180 motion to see both sides of the vehicle, still leaving the rear of the vehicle unseen. Although the market has responded with small electronic cameras that display an image on a dash mounted monitor, it requires the driver to look in three different locations when backing up. Inventor Robert has created a means by which drivers of large tractor trailer rigs can be afforded rear and side views of their vehicle without the necessity of rapid head movements.

This clever new invention has both side and rear cameras that display images on a small weatherproof monitor that is attached to the left side view mirror. The driver can manually switch between views if he or she would rather not see automatically alternating rear and side views. This easy-to-install invention eliminates blind spots for drivers, making the Side Mirror System With Video Display a helpful tool for drivers to drive more safely and efficiently.

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