Shrub & Tree Skirt

This invention is an apparatus that collects clippings from bushes, shrubs and trees during the trimming process.

  • Completely Surrounds Plants Trunk
  • Simplifies Cleanup
  • Decreases Frustration
  • Flexible Frame Allows for Manipulation
  • Ideal for Casual Gardeners & Professional Landscapers
  • Closes Like a Clamshell to Deposit Waste


Patent #8,151,548

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Duane D. Sherry of O'Fallon, MO has developed a simple piece of equipment to make cleanup of shrub trimmings an easier task.

Many Americans spend countless hours maintaining and caring for their lawns, flower beds, gardens, trees, and bushes in the yards around their homes. One lawn care task many are forced to do is that of trimming bushes, shrubs, and trees throughout the year. Fortunately, electric and gasoline powered trimmers shorten the actual trimming process, but the cleanup process afterwards occupies a great deal of time. Despite a homeowners best efforts to clean the yard, it is nearly impossible to pick up all of the clippings. In the case of a professional landscaper, this extra time and effort spent cleaning translates into lost revenue. Inventor Sherry has created a means by which clippings from trees, shrubs, and bushes can be caught while trimming and easily disposed of afterwards.

This clever new invention completely surrounds the plants trunk and has a flexible frame to allow for manipulation. It decreases frustration by simplifying cleanup after trimming plants. The invention is ideal for casual gardeners and professional landscapers. The use of the Shrub & Tree Skirt reduces wasted time and aggravation for users by allowing for quick and easy clean-up of tree, shrub, and bush trimmings.

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