Shower Step Drain

The Shower Step Drain works to improve the safety of stepping in or out of a bathtub

  • Non-Slip Surface
  • User Stands on Drain to Relieve Excess Water
  • Eliminates Wet Floors
  • Great Assistive Device
  • Easy to Manufacture


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jeremy M. Beachy of Fredericksburg, OH has created a device that improves the safety of stepping in or out of a bathtub.

When exiting the bathtub after bathing, water dripping off the body can create a dangerous slipping hazard. Pooling water can cause a user to slip on the step and possibly injure themselves. This can be a serious problem for anyone, especially children, the elderly or those maneuvering around with an injury. Also, pooling water can attract bacteria, mildew, or water-borne pests.

Inventor Beachy was inspired to create the Shower Step Drain after struggling to get in and out of the shower with a broken leg. He had to balance on one foot to dry off and realized there needed to be a safer way to do it.

This clever new invention features a non-slip surface. A user stands on the steps drain to relieve excess water. This eliminates wet floors. The product is a great assistive device. It is easy to manufacture.

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