Shower-Mounted Back Scrubber

The invention allows you to reach all of your back while washing in the shower. This hands free scrubber not only exfoliates the skin but also simulates a relaxing back scratch, allowing you to choose the intensity with two brush styles.

  • No Reaching or Straining to Wash Back
  • Slim Design is Non-Intrusive
  • Soft or Hard Brush Style
  • Brushes Easily Slide onto Track System
  • Temporary or Permanent Installation

Story Behind the Invention

The age-old problems associated with the washing of ones back have never really been solved. Long-handled scrub brushes have been used in the past, but they are often difficult to use and ineffective. Also when one is taking a shower, vigorous scrubbing action is difficult work and many people quickly tire of reaching behind their back. This does not even take into account the elderly or physically disabled who are incapable of cleaning their back area. The Inventors have created a means by which an individual can quickly and easily cleanse and scrub the back area of the body while in the shower.

This clever new invention features two different style brushes that easily slide onto a track system. The slim design can either be temporarily or permanently installed in a shower or bathtub enclosure. The back scrubber makes washing ones back a breeze as no reaching is required. The use of the Shower-Mounted Back Scrubber allows one to clean their back while in a shower in a quick, easy and effective manner.

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