Shower Curtain Stay

The invention prevents your shower curtain from moving inwards while you are in the shower. This lightweight, durable stay hooks right onto your shower rod. No mess, no tools, no fuss!

  • Hooks onto Shower Rod
  • Long Extension Holds Curtain in Place 
  • Conventional 2 Inch Diameter Circular Hook
  • 60 Inches Long
  • Rod Hangs Inside Against Curtain


Design Patent #D752,984

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Terry A. Combs of Stephens City, VA has designed a set of shower curtain hooks with an integral means to keep the shower curtain in place.

Almost everyone is aware of the annoyance of a shower curtain that continually brushes against you when trying to take a shower. The feeling of it sticking to your legs is far from pleasant. In addition to the discomforting feeling, there is also the possibility that the shower curtain will become dislodged from the entrance to the shower and allow water to get on the floor and surrounding walls. In the past, small magnets were placed along the bottom of the shower curtain to combat this. They would attach themselves to the metal or cast-iron tub surfaces and secure the shower curtain. However, the recent proliferation of plastic and fiberglass tubs and shower enclosures have rendered them useless. Inventor Combs has created a means by which shower curtains can be secured to prevent these problems.

This clever new invention easily hooks onto the shower rod, and is approximately 60 inches long. It stays out of sight as it hangs inside against the curtain, which allows for the curtain to remain visually appealing. The use of the Shower Curtain Stay allows one to take a shower without constantly battling the shower curtain to prevent it from moving.

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