Shoulder-Mounted Child Harness

The Shoulder-Mounted Child Harness is an apparatus to assist supporting/restraining a child being carried upon ones shoulders.

  • Frees Up The Adults Hands
  • Supports & Cushions Childs Legs/Ankles
  • Provided With Padding Across Back
  • Adjustable
  • Provides For a Stress-Free Experience

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Phillip C. Schulte, II of Keokuk, IA has created an apparatus to assist with supporting and restraining a child being carried upon ones shoulders.

Many children enjoy piggyback rides. The ability to sit up high, see one's surroundings from an elevated viewpoint, and travel long distances quickly, is fun for them. For adults, the benefit of giving children piggyback rides is that strollers or carriages are not needed and one can move quickly. Additionally, hands can be freed of having to hold a childs hand at all times. However, the parent or care provider must hold the childs feet or legs to provide stability. Should they let go for even an instant, the child could lose their balance and fall. Inventor Schulte has created a means by which a child can be carried on an adults shoulders without these disadvantages.

This clever new invention frees up an adults hands. It supports and cushions a childs legs and ankles. The device is provided with padding. It is adjustable and provides a stress-free experience. The use of the Shoulder-Mounted Child Harness allows parents and other adults to easily carry children upon their shoulders in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but safe and stress-free as well.

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