Shade Canopy for Pools

The Shade Canopy for Pools is a shade cover for a backyard above-ground pool. It also provides a table area and submersible chairs.

  • Allows for More Time in Pool
  • Protects Skin and Eyes from the Sun’s Harmful Rays
  • Angled Panels Adjust to Sun’s Position
  • Canopy Can Support a Television Monitor
  • Easy To Manufacture


Utility Patent #9,410,341

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor John R. Welch of Austin, TX has created a shade cover for a backyard above-ground pool.

One thing that quickly takes away from the pleasure of enjoying a pool is swimming under bright sunlight conditions. Not only are the rays of the sun hot, they are also tough on ones eyes and skin as well. Anyone who ventures into the water must continually put on sunblock, and even then one will typically get out after a few minutes. Inventor Welch never wanted to stay in his pool for very long because there was no shade. This is when the idea for the Shade Canopy for Pools was born. In addition to the shade cover, a bar/counter section can be provided at the mid-point of the canopy near the pools edge. Conventional bar stools can be used on the outside with submersible chairs on the inside of the pool. These features not only make the pool more enjoyable, but are excellent additions for pool parties!

This clever new invention allows for more time in the pool. It protects skin and eyes from the suns harmful rays. Angled panels adjust to the suns position. The canopy can support a television monitor to increase its usefulness. It is easy to manufacture. The use of the Shade Canopy for Pools allows pool users the ability to swim in shady conditions in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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