Set of Pliers with Offset Handles

The invention is a pair of tongue and groove pliers with angled handles that provides more leverage and pulling power along flat working surfaces.

  • Adjustable Head
  • Double Padded Cushioned Handle Grips
  • Right & Left Hand Models
  • Made in Multiple Sizes
  • Removable Gripping Pads


Utility Patent #8,707,833

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Walter J. Gedeon of Vacaville, CA has developed a handy tool to make using slip-joint pliers a simpler task.

Tongue and groove pliers, also known as Channellocks, are commonly found in every handymans toolbox. These pliers are capable of turning and holding nuts and bolts, gripping round and irregularly shaped objects, clamping materials, holding materials, among many other practical uses. However, as useful as such pliers are, they cannot be used against a large, flat object, such as on a pipe going through a wall. It is nearly impossible to grip the handles when there is so little space from being flat against the surface. Inventor Gedeon has created a style of pliers that eliminates this problem by creating a gap between the handles and a flat surface.

This clever new invention is available in multiple sizes and comes in a set of right and left hand pliers so that they can be used for both tightening and loosening tasks. The pliers feature an adjustable head, in addition to double padded, cushioned handle grips for maximum comfort. Finally, the invention also includes removable gripping pads to prevent the jaws from damaging any fine finishes, such as chrome. The use of the Set of Pliers with Offset Handles allows for adjustable jaw pliers to be easily used against large, flat objects without the usual cumbersome movement restrictions.

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