Sensory Slot Machine

The Sensory Slot Machine is a slot machine with smell and touch outputs!

  • Unique and Eye-Catching
  • Produces Scents, Air Flow, Fog, Bubbles, and More
  • Attracts Customers
  • Adds New Level of Excitement to Same Old Game of Slot Machines
  • Casino Must-Have


Utility Patent # 10,319,195

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor William T. Bix of Rensselaer, NY has created a slot machine with smell and touch outputs. This idea takes slot machines to the next level!

Many people are drawn into the mystique of a slot machine. However, one slot machine begins to look like the next after only a short while. There is nothing to draw a potential gambler to one machine or casino over the next. Therefore, casinos and slot machine manufacturers are on the constant lookout for new and exciting game themes and motifs. In turn, Inventor Bix created the Sensory Slot Machine.

This clever new idea adds a new level of excitement to the same old game of slot machines. It produces scents, air flow, fog, bubbles, and more! The sensory effects go along with the type or style of the slot machine. It is unique and eye-catching to attract casino guests. It will certainly be picked over other slot machines that people have seen a hundred times. Its truly a casino must-have! For exclusive rights to the Sensory Slot Machine, act now!

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