Self Dimming Vehicle Headlights

This invention is a device that automatically dims headlights on motor vehicles when a similarly equipped vehicle is approaching from the opposite direction.

  • Eliminates glare from headlights
  • Prevents accidents
  • Automatically activates signal to transmitter 
  • Provides half mile range for signal activation
  • Allows driver to concentrate on driving


Utility Patent #9,313,862

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Levi Gene Helton of Salt Lick, KY has created a device that automatically dims headlights on motor vehicles.

While driving at night, one inevitably encounters a situation in which an oncoming driver does not turn off the high beam headlights. When this occurs, ones eyesight is temporarily impeded, creating a dangerous situation. Since these situations can often result in accidents one needs to take steps in order to prevent such occurrences. Many people resort to flashing their high beams to try to get the oncoming car to dim their lights. If this doesnt work, some people will leave their high beams on, thus creating a situation where both drivers cannot see. Luckily, Inventor Helton has designed a means by which high beams can be automatically be dimmed when approach oncoming traffic.

This clever innovation eliminates the glare created by high beam headlights, which will reduce the risk of accidents and allows drivers to concentrate on driving. As an oncoming vehicle that has its high beams on approaches another vehicle the lights will automatically dim without the driver having to worry about doing so. The signal has a half a mile range in which to work. The use of the Self Dimming Vehicle Headlights allows for the reduction or elimination of temporary blindness from the high beams of oncoming vehicles, thus providing safe driving conditions for all.

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