Self-Basting Roaster Oven

Introducing the Self-Basting Roaster Oven, a roaster oven with an integral basting pump system.

  • Produces Tasty, Juicy & Succulent Foods 
  • Circulates Basting Liquids 
  • Maintains Even Cooking Temperatures 
  • Decreases Cooking Times 
  • Programmable Temperature & Time Controls


Utility Patent #8,881,644

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Nicholas James Scro, II of Thompsonville, IL has designed a roaster oven with anintegral basting pump system.

Basting is a common cooking technique when preparing large pieces of meat such as turkey,chicken, or roasts.  Such foods will become dry if they are not basted several times during cooking.  Basting liquids are usually spooned over the food or applied with a conventional bulb-type siphon.  However, these methods do have some disadvantages,such as the chef may forget to frequently baste, the door of the oven has to keep opening, and the basting process is not continuous.  Inventor Scrohas created a means which meats can be prepared in an oven while having an end result that is juicy and moist.

This clever new invention produces tasty, juicy and succulent foods.  The unique design of the roasting oven allows basting liquids to circulate continuous, while maintaining even cooking temperatures and decreasing cooking time. The invention also has convenient programmable temperature and time controls. The use of the Self-Basting Roaster Oven provides chefs the ability to prepare meats and other foods in a manner that ensures they are always properly cooked.

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