Self-Adhesive Vapor-Proof Plate

The Self-Adhesive Vapor Plate is a wall plate with an integral vaporbarrier for all electrical, phone, and cable outlets and switches.

  • Seals out Air and Moisture
  • Eliminates Need for Vapor-Proof Box
  • Fits All Outlets and Switch Configurations
  • Easy to Install
  • Provides Energy Savings

Story Behind the Invention

InventorRobbie J. Easthouse of Rochester, MN,presents his patent pending wall plate with integral vapor barrier for allelectrical, phone, and cable outlets and switches, or any combination thereof.

With aheightened awareness of the importance of energy consumption, many people aretaking steps towards conserving energy. One practical measure in conserving heating and air conditioning costsis to install or update insulation in exterior walls, attics, and crawl spaces,and around windows and doors.  However, agreat deal of heat loss or gain actually occurs around electrical wall plates.  The lack of barrier also makes watercondensation a concern.  Inventor Easthouse has developed a wall plate with anintegral vapor proof gasket which resolves both concerns.

This clever newinvention is designed with both plastic and metal plates.  Its standard wall plate design allows foreasy installation.  With a variety ofdifferent designs, it will fit all wall outlets and switch configurations.  The integral gasket seals out air andmoisture, thus preventing heat gain or loss as well as condensation.  Use of the Self-AdhesiveVapor-Proof Plate provides a unique and further means ofconserving energy while it also increases safety.

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