Self-Adhesive Activity Wallpaper

The invention is a wall-mounted paper-based removable coloring system for use with children.

  • Protects Walls From Coloring Damage
  • Provided With Dual Handles
  • Aids In Development Of Children
  • Made Of Plastic
  • Does Not Leave Telltale Marks Behind


Utility Patent #9,003,941

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Demetrio Robert Jaure, III of Tucson, AZ has designed a wall-mounted paper-based removable coloring system for use with children.

Even in this age of computers, coloring with crayons remains a favorite activity for children. The rainbow variety of colors, coupled with their ease of use and classic scent makes coloring a widely enjoyed pastime. However, many children just beginning to learn how to use crayons often end up coloring upon the surfaces not meant for coloring, such as walls and furniture. This not only makes a room look disastrous, but it is very difficult to remove and often requires a complete repainting of the room in a time-consuming and costly process. Inventor Jaure has created a means by which children can be allowed to express their creativity by coloring upon walls, yet still protect the walls from physical damage.

This clever new invention protects walls from coloring damage, yet allows the child to color on the walls as they please. This helps in the childs development process while keeping parents and caregivers sane. The use of the Self-Adhesive Activity Wallpaper provides the ability for children to color in a manner which is not only creative, but protective of wall surfaces as well.

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