Selectable Flavored Dispenser

This invention is a personalized beverage container that allows one to flavor their plain beverage in a unique and personalized method on a per sip basis.

  • Multiple Flavors & Colors
  • Eye Catching Design
  • Allows for Flavor Changes
  • No Spill Seal
  • Ideal for Water, Milk, & Tea


Utility Patent #8,657,158

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Jose Luis Snell of Edinburg, TX has designed a personalized beverage container that allows one to flavor their beverage in a unique and personalized method.

A simple trip to any grocery store will depict the wide variety of beverages available to the modern consumer. One is not limited to tea, milk, soda, or water anymore, but rather has the choice of a wide variety of beverages that are flavored, colored, or provided with nutritional additives. As one can imagine, making a decision is often difficult. What appeals to a person at one time may not necessarily sound good at another time. Inventor Snell has created a mean by which individuals can be provided with the ability to have and consume any type of beverage with any flavoring, coloring, and nutritional additive at any given time without the separate purchase of individual containers.

This clever new invention allows users to change the flavor of water, milk, or tea using multiple flavor additives. The invention features a no spill seal, an eye catching design, and an easy sip straw. The use of the Selectable Flavored Dispenser allows one to flavor their favorite beverage in a manner which is not only quick, easy, and effective, but unique as well.

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