Security Door Bracket

Our Security Door Bracket provides a safe environment in the home by increasing the security of the deadbolt lock and door. Makes it virtually impossible to kick in the door jam with this strong mechanical connection.

  • Secured Between Wall Stud & Door Jamb
  • Deadbolt Can Be Picked Not Jimmied
  • All Hardware is Hidden
  • Template Provided
  • Great for High Crime Areas
  • Easy Installation ( New or Existing Doors)


Design Patent #D697,386

Story Behind the Invention

As any home owner will attest, security is an area of primary concern. Due to the fact that people tend to place a high value on their property and personal safety, the marketplace has responded with a variety of products that are intended to protect ones life, and property. One product that has seen wide use is that of the deadbolt lock. Such deadbolts have a long plunger, which penetrates the door frame making them impossible to shimmy open with a credit card. Unfortunately, the security of such locks is only as good as the door frame construction. Inventor Dooley has created a means by which the security of a deadbolt can be increased.

This clever new invention would be secured between the wall stud and the door jamb, which means that all hardware is hidden. It would be provided with a template for easy installation on both new and existing doors. The invention would be ideal for high crime areas. The use of the Security Door Bracket provides a means of increasing the security of a deadbolt lock in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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