Security Air Brake Locking System

The invention is a device that protects semi-trailers by locking them in place via their air braking systems.

  • Prevents Theft  
  • Protects Large, Unattended Semi Trailers   
  • Controlled By Key Switch, Alarm Keypad, Or Wireless Controller 
  • OEM or Retrofit for Existing Units  
  • Easy Access to Control Panel


Utility Patent #9,108,605.

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Gordon Farnum and Brent Rogers of Hugoton, KS have designed a device that protects semi trailers by locking them in place via an air braking system.

Security alarms are commonly found in homes, businesses, and motor vehicles. Their use has not only stopped many attempted thefts in progress, but the knowledge that they are there has stopped many more before they even start. However, there still remain many targets which are favorites of thieves. One of these targets is the unoccupied semi trailer rig. It is common knowledge that most of these units do not have a power source to operate an alarm. This fact, coupled with their often remote location, unoccupied status, and valuable items and materials contained within, typically lead to a high percentage of thefts. In a matter of minutes, someone can simply pull up with a truck, hitch up, and drive off. Inventors Farnum and Rogers have created a means by this type of situation can be avoided.

This clever new invention protects large, unattended semi-trailers from theft. It will be controlled by a key switch, alarm keypad or wireless controller. The unit can be made as a standard feature on new semi trailers or can be retrofitted to existing units. The use of the Security Air Brake Locking System allows for increased security of unattended semi trailers in a manner which is quick, easy and effective.

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