Secure Single and Double Barrel Pallet System

The Secure Single and Double Barrel Pallet System is a specialized pallet carrier designed to more effectively transport one barrel or two barrels for double the power.

  • Only Takes 30-60 Seconds to Secure Each Barrel
  • Saves Time in Warehouses and while Unloading Trucks
  • Barrel and Pallet are a Single Unit So Barrel will not tip.
  • Avoids Huge Expense of Cleaning Up Hazardous Waste Spills
  • Durable and Can Be Used Daily


Design Patents #D774,721,D784,649, Utility Patent #9,676,514

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Pete Gamez and Tim Hunt of Pleasanton, CA have created a specialized pallet system designed to more efficiently and safely transport one barrel or two barrels.

This clever new invention will save users time in warehouses and while unloading trucks. It only takes 30-60 seconds to secure each barrel. The secure pallet slides when in a truck and will not tip. By using the pallet, the huge expense of cleaning up hazardous waste spills is eliminated. The invention is durable and can be used daily.

The inventors developed the pallets because just about every bulk consumer product, food product, chemical and raw material is transported at one time or another on a shipping pallet. Products that are liquid and shipped in bulk are typically placed in large (55-gallon) barrels that are then placed atop a pallet and wrapped with plastic shrink wrap to hold them in place. This allows the barrel to be transported in a truck and moved by a forklift. Wood pallets often are damaged during transit, which can cause barrels to shift and tip over. While on a truck, pallets can shift and barrels can again tip over. Any spillage requires cleaning up and lost productivity. Should the liquid be hazardous, the costs can skyrocket resulting in shutdowns that can last for weeks and fines that can escalate into the hundreds of thousands of dollars! To solve this problem, Inventors Gamez and Hunt created the Secure Single and Double Barrel Pallet System.

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Additional Information

Why are these pallets better than traditional wood pallets? 1. Barrels will not be punctured by nails on wood pallet. 2. Over time, barrels tip and spill contents on wood, causing the integrity of the wood to break down over time. 3. Wooden pallets are susceptible to breakage during routine use from fork lifts and regular wear & tear. 4. The Secure Single and Double Barrel Palett System are much lighter than a traditional pallet and reusable. 5. The Secure Single & Double Barrel Pallet grips and lifts barrel as one unit, so it always slides and never tips over. 6. No shrink wrap involved, which greatly reduces overhead.
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