Seat Warmer For Child Car Seat

The invention is a childs car seat with an integral seat warmer thatkeeps young children warm while traveling, providing a more enjoyabletrip.

  • Adjustable Temperature
  • High Temperature Limit of 68 Degrees
  • Remote Controlled
  • Rechargeable Battery Pack
  • Pre-Warm Seat on Cold Days

Story Behind the Invention

For those raising children, nothing even comes close to theimportance placed on ensuring the childs safety at all times, day andnight.  This notion is perhaps bestdemonstrated in the safety precautions taken while traveling in anautomobile.  Mandated not only byconscience but also by law, small children are to be placed in safety seats atall times while traveling in a vehicle. While car seats provide the best safety for a child that technology canprovide, they are often uncomfortable especially in cold climates due to thehigh content of plastic and minimal cloth and padding.  Heated seats are a common option on motorvehicles in such climates, but children in car seats dont benefit fromthis.  Thus, the child may becomeaggravated and subject to temper tantrums, crying, whining and the like, muchto the dismay of the driver and/or fellow passengers.  Accordingly, there is a need for a means bywhich infants and children placed in car seats can be provided with a means tokeep them warm no matter how cold the ambient temperature.  The development of the Seat Warmer for Child Car Seatfulfills this need.   

Inventor Lisa D. Heinz of Brighton, CO has developed a childs car seat withan integral seat warmer that keeps young children warm while traveling,providing a more enjoyable trip.

This innovative car seat offersadjustable temperature control, not to exceed the preset limit of 68degrees.  Utilizing remote controloperation, the caregiver is given the option to pre-warm the seat on especiallycold days.  This clever innovation alsoruns off of rechargeable battery power for added convenience and ease ofuse.  The use of the Seat Warmer for Child Car Seatkeeps young children warm while traveling in a car seat providing a moreenjoyable trip for everyone in the vehicle.

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