Scratch-Off Ticket Ink Removal Device

The invention is an apparatus to aid in the removal of the ink from instant lottery tickets.

  • Works On All Scratch-off Tickets
  • Easy To Hold And Use
  • Flat Edge Performs Scratching Quickly
  • Easy To Replace When Worn
  • Other End Erases Lighter Coatings


Utility Patent #8,627,536

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Dawn Colleen Vandosen of Warren, MI has developed a new product to assist with the removal of scratch-off lottery ticket ink.

Lottery tickets are an extremely popular item, bought for personal excitement and commonly used as small gifts. However, there are few ideal ways to scratch these tickets. Many people must resort to coins and fingernails which can be difficult, messy, or unwieldy. Inventor Vandosen created the Scratch-Off Ticket Ink Removal Device as a simple and convenient way to handle common lottery tickets.

This clever new invention works with all scratch-off lottery tickets. The pencil-like design makes it easy to hold and handle. One end provides a flat edge for easy scratching, while the other end has an eraser for lighter-coated tickets. The design also makes the invention easy and cheap to replace once it is worn. The use of the Scratch-Off Ticket Ink Removal Device is a great way to eliminate hassle and annoyance from your daily routine.

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