Scratch-My-Back Back Scratcher

The Scratch-My-Back Back Scratcher is a decorative wall-mounted apparatus to aid in the scratching of ones back.

  • Quickly Find Exact Spot That Needs Scratching
  • No Need to Rely on Others
  • Nothing to Hold in One’s Hand; Simply Rub Up Against It
  • Fits Any Décor
  • No Hassle Installation


Design Patent #D750,841

Story Behind the Invention

The age-old problems associated with scratching ones back have never really been solved... until now! Inventor Margaret Lewis of Winston Salem, NC has created a decorative wall-mounted apparatus for improved back scratching.

Long-handled scratchers have been sought out in the past but they are often difficult to use. They cover only a small area and are ineffective due to the fact that the straight handle forces the user to hold their hand at an awkward angle. The user must almost be a contortionist to effectively reach all areas of the back. Some people resort to rubbing up against a wall or door frame to get relief, but the smooth nature of such items is less than satisfying. If all else fails, another person is often needed to provide back scratching relief. However, depending on the circumstances, that is not always a viable option. Inventor Lewis has created a means by which an individual can quickly and easily scratch all areas of their back.

This clever new invention allows a user to find the exact spot that needs scratching. Theres no need to rely on others. There is nothing to hold in ones hand; users simply rub up against it. The invention fits any dcor. Enjoy no hassle installation. The use of the Scratch-My-Back Back Scratcher provides a clever solution to the problem of scratching ones back in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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