Scoreboard for Darts

Our Scoreboard for Darts assists in the scoring of four different types of dart games. This scoreboard keeps score for up to four players at one time with no electronic components or no pens, pencils, markers or chalk.

  • No Mechanical Parts or Calculator Needed
  • Allows For Scoring 4 Different Dart Games
  • Capable of Scoring 4 Players Simultaneously
  • Perfect for Single & Team Play
  • Wall or Table Mounted

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Stephen Paul Hoffman, Jr. of Bunnell, FL has designed a device which assists in the scoring of a steel tip dart board game.

Darts is a fun social game that is commonly played in homes and pubs around the world. It has been around a very long time with its history dating back to the 1800s. While the basic premise of all dart games is the same, the games can be scored in different ways. Most players or teams try to keep track of the score in their head, or on a piece of paper, or even a chalkboard. While such methods work, errors, as well as arguments, are common. Also, other players and observers cannot easily determine the score without asking others, thus causing breaks in concentration, perhaps even to the point of affecting the games outcome. Inventor Hoffman has created a means by which scoring of various types of dart games can be easily tracked and displayed without the disadvantages described above.

This clever new invention allows players to score four different dart games, and can score up to four players or teams at a time. It is simplistic in nature, requiring no mechanical parts, and can be mounted on a wall or table. The use of the Scoreboard for Darts allows dart game players to ability to score their game in a manner which is not only simple and quick, but easily viewable and understandable by all.
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