Score Clips

The Score Clips are used to keep score at Little League baseball games.

  • Easily Visible
  • Clips on the Fence
  • Keeps Spectators Invested in the Game
  • Made in Various Shapes or with Team Logo on Clips
  • Easy to Manufacture


Design Patent #D725,703

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Bruce Yarish of Littleton, CO has created clips used to keep score at Little League baseball games.

Scores are commonly recorded via a score book and Inventor Yarish was tired of everyone asking him the score at his kids games. This is when the idea was born. Essentially a portable low cost score board, the invention is an affordable scoring option for any Little League team. This is an improved way for fans, players, coaches, and bystanders to know the score of a game. Clips come in the shape of baseballs, home plates and baseball bats with colored LED lights. The score keeper clips the clip of the corresponding team as they score onto the fence by inning, moving the rows down each inning, with two different colored clips placed above all the other clips to track the number of outs. Rows are left empty if there are no runs scored in an inning.

The Score Clips are easily visible. They clip onto a chain link fence and keep spectators invested in the game. The clips are made in various shapes or could be adorned with team logos. They are easy to manufacture.

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