Sanding Gloves

The invention is apair of elastic cloth gloves, similar to work gloves, with anintegral sanding surface built onto the palm and finger areas.

  • Sands All Typesof Surfaces
  • Protects UsersHands
  • Fits into SmallAreas
  • Provides SureGrip
  • Available inMultiple Grits
  • One Size FitsAll


Patent #D660,673

Story Behind the Invention

InventorWeatherbydeveloped this clever innovation, which is a pair of elastic,cloth gloves, similar to work gloves, with integral sanding surfacesbuilt into the palm and finger areas. The entire palm and palm sidefinger area is coated with a rubberized adhesive compound thatextends to the rear of the hand by approximately on all sides. The rubberized adhesive compound serves two purposes. First, itprovides a durable, but flexible surface to protect the users handagainst any rough surfaces, splinters or the like. Secondly, itprovides a base to hold the sand media that provides the sandingaction. The gloves are made of an elastic cloth material thatstretches to fit any sized adult hand. The sanding feature of theglove provides craftsmen the ability to get into all areas of aproject that requires sanding while still maintaining that veryimportant tactile feedback about a surfaces finish. It is alsoenvisioned that those who absolutely have to have a no-slip gripwhile performing work could wear the gloves. The use of SandingGloves, allows users the ability to hand sand virtually anytype surface in a manner, which is quick, easy and efficient.

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