Salute is a creative logo for caps and T-shirts that is geared toward veterans.

  • Eye Catching Logo
  • For Veterans, Veteran Wives, Children, and Supporters
  • Great Way to Showcase Veteran Pride
  • For Caps, T-shirts, or Similar Items

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Patsy Nelms of Shreveport, LA has created a logo that is geared toward veterans and displaying veteran pride.

Nothing shows veteran pride like wearing the Salute logo on your hat, clothing, or belongings for the world to see. Inventor Nelms has created a quick, easy, and effective means for recognizing the veterans in your life.

This clever new invention is an eye catching logo. It is for veterans, veterans wives, veterans children, and veteran supporters. It is a great way to showcase the pride of vets, heroes, cancer survivors, and their families and supporters. The logo is for caps, T-shirts, or similar items. Honor your veteran loved one with a Salute!

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