Detachable Handrail for Trailers and R.V.’s

The invention is a removable stair handrail for trailers which provides safe access when entering & leaving the recreational vehicle.

  • Adjustable Plate Assembly
  • Fits In Narrow Storage Compartment
  • Adapts For All Vehicle Configurations
  • Quickly Installed & Removed
  • Ideal For Elderly & Disabled Users


Patent #8,240,710

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor James L. Rawls of Monticello, AR has developed a removable handrail for trailer and R.V. steps, which provides for safe access when entering and exiting a recreational vehicle.

A great deal of Americans opt to go camping in recreational vehicles every year. These vehicles range in size from small pop-up campers to large motorized RVs, and most of them have a floor system that is several feet above ground level. As such, the R.V. or camper must be accessed with a step system that folds downward and provides any number of steps. However, handrails are not typically provided, and even if one is available it is usually inadequate. Thus, access for the elderly and disabled is extremely difficult and hazardous. Inventor Rawls has created solution by which safe and easy handrail support, for recreational vehicle steps, can be provided.

This clever new invention is a handrail with adjustable plate assembly. It adapts to fit all vehicle configurations, and is of a narrow design for easy storage when not in use. When the invention is needed it is quick and easy to install, which allows everyone, including the elderly and disabled, to safely enter and exit the vehicle. The use of the Detachable Handrail for Trailers and R.V.'s provides access to recreational vehicle interiors in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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