The Rowabout is a specialized boat with a unique shape and oar system to allow for increased maneuverability.

  • Diamond Shaped Boat
  • Steering Made Easy
  • Oars Remain in Water Continuously During Use
  • Great for Making Small or Complex Turns
  • Perfect for Use When Camping or Fishing


Utility Patent #10,022,607

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Francis Joseph Toole and Richard Scott Gauld of Tonawanda, NY have created a specialized boat with a unique shape and oar system to allow for increased maneuverability.

Recreational boating has earned a well-deserved spot on the list of favorite pastimes. The ability to get outside and enjoy warm weather, sunshine, and water make all kinds of boating truly enjoyable. Flat boats are popular when fishing, or just exploring local waterways and lakes when camping. However, these boats are somewhat difficult to maneuver, especially on small bodies of water. They are also needed to go back and forth along a linear path while fishing. While out on the water, users often have to make tight turns which normally requires frantic rowing on one side of the boat. Inventors Toole and Gauld knew there had to be an easier way! In turn, they created the Rowabout!

This clever new invention is a diamond shaped boat that is symmetrical in nature. This allows the boat to be rowed forward or backward with equally easy effort and no need to turn the boat around. Steering has never been easier! The oars remain in the water continuously during use. Forward boat motion occurs when the oars are pulled back. On the back swing, the shape of the oar cuts through the water without noticeably slowing forward movements. The Rowabout provides users with a boat that is not only easy to propel and maneuver, but fun to use as well. Act now!

Additional Information

The last picture (#4) listed below shows an alternative oar placement on the front sides of the Rowabout. The front boat rowing gives the rower fine-tuned accuracy over the direction of the boat without worrying about fish-tailing. The rows in figure #4 do not remove as quickly as the original design. They are held in place parallel to the boat's sides by steel clips, allowing for ease of travel and storage.
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