Rolling Staple Gun

The invention is a rolling staple machine for theconstruction industry.

  • Mechanical & Electrical Version   
  • Adjustable Spacing Interval Knob   
  • Automatically Fires Staples 
  • Increases Speed And Accuracy 
  • Ideal For Felt Paper Installation


Utility Patent 8,453,900

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor J. Randy Shirk of Denver, PA has created a rolling staple gun provided with a three part push handle.

The proper tool for any job can save time, money, and produce a higher quality job. One tool that sees multiple uses in many fields is that of the stapler, which is commonly used to install materials such as roofing felt, carpet padding, building wrap, and other materials. There are several variations of staplers, all of which help to reduce the stress and strain of repeated operation. However, none of these variations remove the requirement that the user must initiate each stapling action as well as control the spacing interval between adjacent staples. Inventor Shirk has developed a means by which staples can be used on a variety of surfaces without the disadvantages or manual control requirement of current stapling technologies.

This clever new invention has an adjustable knob to ensure the desired interval spacing of the staples. It increases speed and accuracy while automatically firing staples. The invention has a convenient three part handle and is powered by a rechargeable battery. The use of the Rolling Staple Gun provides users the ability to quickly staple down various materials on horizontal, sloped, or vertical surfaces in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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