Roach Trap

The invention is a small clear plastic tube with an interiorcoated tacky adhesive used to trap insects where they typically travel.

  • Cardboard Dispensing Pack
  • Used Inside or Outside
  • Safe Around Children & Pets
  • Effective on All Insects
  • Inconspicuous Appearance
  • Cut To Any Size

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Badrih Kanno of Lincolnwood,IL has developed a small clear plastictube with an interior coated with a tacky adhesive used to trap insects wherethey typically travel.

Roaches, ants,and other crawling insects are persistent problems all over the world.  In order to control such pests, people haveresorted to various methods to eradicate them, such as chemicals andpoison.  However, such methods are oftenplaced in areas where they can be seen, such as along walls and hallways.  Additionally, such chemicals and poisons area severe safety hazard.  Therefore,people often use adhesive traps, but these traps are often visible as well andpets and children can become tangled in them. Inventor Kanno has developed a wayin which various types of crawling insects can be eradicated with adhesive traps,but without the disadvantages described above.

This clever newinvention comes in a cardboard dispensing pack, can be cut to any size, and isinconspicuous in appearance.  It is safeto use around children and pets, while being effective on all insects.  The use of the RoachTrap provides an ideal means of hiding insect traps in anylocation, while safely removing insects from both indoor and outdoorenvironments.

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