Rig Move Compass Assist

Our Rig Move Compass Assistmakes barge navigation easier. The compass protractor has a transparent plastic circular base with an outer perimeter provided with three-hundred sixty degree (360) markings in one degree (1) increments. The transparent base allows it to be set upon a map and still see the map details below.

  • Helps to Coordinate Direction & Power
  • Ideal for Navigating Around Docks
  • Prevents Costly Damage & Injuries
  • Removable for Easy Storage
  • Optional Directional Indicators


Utility Patent #8,806,768

Story Behind the Invention

Each field of physical work has its own type of specialty tools, each performing a specialized task. One task which not many people are aware of is that of moving barges along rivers, canals, and other bodies of water. These barges are commonly moved by tug boats or other assist vessels since they do not have their own power source. Larger or heavier barges may use more than one assist vessel which greatly increases the complexity of movement. Each vessel will apply force at a different point and at differing levels of power which is hard to centrally control especially when performing delicate maneuvers such as docking. A simple error can result in an accident, which could damage equipment, pollute water, and injure workers. Inventor Murphy has created a means by which barge navigation can be accomplished in a simple manner.

This clever new invention helps to coordinate direction and power among assist vessels. It is ideal for navigating around docks, and will minimize damages and injuries. The use of the Rig Move Compass Assist allows for easy coordination of barge navigation and similar activities amongst multiple vessels in a manner which reduces stress and the likelihood of making potentially hazardous or costly mistakes.
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