Rider Jacket with Handles

The invention is a specialty motorcycle jacket with integral support handles for supporting an additional rider.

  • Concealed Handles when Not Needed
  • Provides Handy Point To Hang On To
  • Improves Safety
  • Eliminates Bear Hugging the Driver
  • Greatly Improves Comfort


Design Patent #D749,821

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Ke'Nath D. McClora of Memphis, TN has designed a specialty motorcycle jacket with integral handles for supporting an additional rider.

Countless Americans enjoy riding motorcycles. The feeling of freedom and pure exhilaration is a leisure time activity for many and a passion for others. On the other hand, there are others who do it out of necessity in the time of rising gas prices. Whatever the reason, many motorcycle drivers also transport an additional passenger. It is common for these passengers to reach around the waist of the driver to hang on for stability during travel. However, this position is uncomfortable for both the driver and rider, especially after long periods of travel. Additionally, many first-time riders have a tendency to bear hug the driver which also reduces safety. Inventor McClora has created a means by which motorcycle passengers can be easily afforded a means stability and safety without impacting the driver.

This clever new invention improves comfort for the driver and rider, since the rider now has a handy point to hang on to. This will also improve safety as the rider will not be forced to bear hug the driver. The handles can be stowed inside the jacket when not in use providing for that sleek look every motorcycle driver wants. Overall, the use of the Rider Jacket with Handles provides a means to for motorcycle drivers and riders to travel down the road in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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