Retractable Wire Organizer

The invention keeps your cords neatly stored until you are ready to use them or during use. The retractable reel is used when storing most extension cords, audiovisual cables, or earphone cables. It decreases the damage and frustration associated with tangled cords and an unorganized work space, home entertainment, repetitively used cords.

  • No Entanglement
  • Eliminates Damage to Cords
  • Compatible with Various Shapes & Sized Cords
  • Keeps Work & Home Space Organized
  • Quickly Coils & Uncoils Cords
  • Allows Use of Cord at Any Stored Length


Utility Patent #8,882,016

Story Behind the Invention

Iinventor Kimberly Jean Melvin of Auburn, WA has designed a retractable reel set for use when storing long extension cords and other cables.

Long electrical cables are often used for yard care power equipment or powered hand tools in the home. Long cables are also seen in the audio-visual world when used to connect microphones, cameras, and recording equipment. When not in use, such cables are typically coiled up in a loose fashion or manually wound around a reel system. However, the process of winding a cable up often places a twist in it which causes cables to tangle and twist at a later time. Additionally, after coiling, such cables are typically tossed in a loose format into a pile where they can not only become tangled with other cables but are subject to becoming damaged upon contact with other items or being stepped upon. Inventor Melvinhas created a means by which long electrical cables can be easily coiled and uncoiled, yet protected from physical damage.

This clever new invention means no more tangled cables and wires,which reduces the risk of damage. The organizer is compatible with various shapes and sizes of cords. It will keep spaces organized,and provide for easy access to cords. The use of the Retractable Wire Organizer allows for the coiling and uncoiling of almost any type of electrical cable in a manner which is quick, easy,and effective.

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