System and Method for Retaining Countertop Cutout

This invention is a device to aid in the processof producing countertop cutouts for sinks & stoves

  • Umbrella Shaped Retaining Key Design
  • Effective on All Countertop Surfaces
  • Reduces Risk of Injury from Toppled Products
  • Increases the Ease of Installation
  • Provides For Professional Looking Results


Utility Patent #8,196,881

Story Behind the Invention

InventorCurt A. Reinbold of Frankenmuth, MIhas developed a simple method for producing countertop cutouts.

Many kitchenshave a sink, stove, or other device that is permanently placed within thekitchen countertop surface.  Installingthese items into the countertop can be difficult due to the shape of thecountertop and may require either a second person or a large brace to hold thecutout from the bottom so that it does not fall through during the cuttingprocess.  Should the cutout be left tofall on its own, it may result in damage to the remaining countertop surface,the underlying cabinet, or flooring surface. Even worse, injuries to the workers can occur as well.  Inventor Reinboldhas created a means to prevent the occurrence of such problems.

This clever newinvention is used to increase the ease of the cutting process duringinstallation of various items into countertop surfaces.  It helps to reduce the risk of injury ordamage from toppled products with its umbrella shaped retaining key designwhich holds the cutout countertop portion from falling through.  Additionally, the invention provides forprofessional looking results on all types of countertop surfaces.  The use of the Systemand Method for Retaining Countertop Cutout provides a means ofproducing countertop cutouts without worry of damaging the countertops, nearbycabinets, or floor areas.

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