Retaining Bracket for Metal Gates

The invention is a metal securing device for new or existing fences which prevents swinging gates from accidently opening.

  • Keeps children & pets safer
  • Great for driveway gates
  • Eliminates the need for securing post
  • Used on single or double gates
  • User friendly for everyone


Patent #8,272,625

Story Behind the Invention

Inventors Kathleen Ann Bassett and Helen Clark Werb of Cleveland, OH have designed a locking device for gates on chain-link fences.

Fence gates are used to provide access in and out of enclosed areas. However, some gates (including larger gates) are often difficult to design and implement. Many times, such gates are provided in two parts; however, it is necessary to secure these two parts in the middle when they are closed. Many fence designs use a retractable pin that drops into a small hole in the pavement below, but this is plagued with problems. First, the hole becomes plugged with debris, ice, or snow, making it impossible to secure the gate. Second, the pin drags along the pavement as it is opened and closed, leaving an unsightly arc on the pavement. Finally, current gate mechanisms are located low on the gate and can be somewhat difficult to access. Due to the fact that an individual must bend over to secure the gate, it can be uncomfortable or even impossible for some elderly or handicapped individuals.

The Inventors have created a means by which fence gates (large and small) can be secured in manner which addresses the above disadvantages. This clever new invention conveniently locks and secures a double or single gate in place. Not only is it user friendly, but it is also handy in poor weather conditions, as it will not get buried in snow. The invention would be great for use on driveway gates and other similar enclosures. The overall use of the Retaining Bracket for Metal Gates provides a means of securing swinging gates in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective. This technology can be incorporated into a newly manufactured fence design or a retrofit kit for existing fences.
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