Restless Leg Therapeutic Device

This invention is an apparatus that stimulates the leg muscles to provide relief from restless leg syndrome.

  • Adjustable Levels Of MuscleStimulation
  • Single Or Double Leg Use
  • Relief Without Medication OrSurgery
  • Relaxes Muscles In Minutes
  • Fits Any Leg Size
  • Can Increase Muscle Definition


Utility Patent #8,938,303

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Brandie Matsen of Basalt, ID has developed an apparatus that stimulates muscles to provide relief from restless leg syndrome.

Many people suffer from restless leg syndrome, or RLS as it is commonly called. RLS is a medical condition that produces a simple urge to continually move one's legs to relieve uncomfortable internal sensations. Many users afflicted with severe cases of RLS have turned to therapy, drug, or even surgery to help rid their body ofthis burden. Unfortunately, what has been found to work with one person produces little or no change in another. Inventor Matsenhas formulated a means by which relief from restless leg syndrome canbe provided in a safe and straightforward manner.

This clever new invention provides relief for RLS without medication or surgery. It can possibly relax muscles in minutes with adjustable levels of electrode stimulation. The invention can be used on one leg or two at a time, and fits any leg size. The use of the Restless Leg Therapeutic Device provides sufferers of restless leg syndrome the ability to control their leg muscles in a manner that is simple, effective, and comforting.

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