Replacement Vinyl Cover Kit for Wooden Windows

This invention is a pre-formed window trim molding kit for exterior wooden windows.

  • Made with Quality PVC
  • Prepackaged Kit Format
  • Eliminates the Need to Paint Trim
  • Attractive, Waterproof and Easy to Clean
  • Cut to Custom Lengths & Widths
  • Provides a Watertight Fit


Design Patent #D641,499

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Burl Turner of Shelby, NC has designed a pre-formed window trim molding kit for exterior wooden windows.

Replacement windows are one of the most common home improvement projects being undertaken today. Not only do such projects leave the home looking its best, but also reduce energy costs. However, one important fact that people do not realize is that the remaining wood trim on the exterior of the window still requires frequent maintenance, such as painting and sealing. One solution is cladding the window. While this procedure works, it leaves behind an ordinary wide flat trim without any of the ornate detail of the underlying wood piece. Additionally, such cladding forms a trap that holds water. Inventor Turner has created a means by which the remaining wood trim can be easily protected from the elements without hiding any ornate features.

This clever new invention is attractive, waterproof and easy to clean. The product would be sold in a prepackaged kit format, and made using quality PVC. Additionally, the invention eliminates the need to paint window trim. The use of the Replaceable Vinyl Cover Kit for Wooden Windows provides a means to conceal remaining wood trim in a manner that is quick, easy, and effective.

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