Replacement Rod

The invention is a rod which makes broken bathroom towel racks with fixed endanchor points can easy to replace.

  • Ideal for Bathroom &Kitchen Towel Racks
  • No Need to RemoveFixed Anchors
  • Adjustable Length
  • No Tools Needed
  • Various Shapes


Utility Patent #9,089,245

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Alexander E. Pamphilis of Bethlehem, PA has developed a means for making replacement of broken towel rods incredibly simple.

Towel rods are commonplace in bathrooms to hold bath towels, washcloths, hand towels, and more. A majority of these towel holders utilize fixed end anchors to hold the rod in place. Generally, these end brackets are ornate and may be formed as part of the wall, especially when used with ceramic tiles. However, the actual towel rod is prone to breakage over time, which could mean the removal of at least one end bracket in order to fit a new towel rod in place. A simple break often becomes a complicated repair, requiring knowledge, tools, and skills to perform tile work, grouting, and so on. Inventor Pamphilis has created a useful kit to avoid performing any time-consuming repairs to replace a broken towel rod.

This clever new invention requires no removal of fixed anchor brackets to repair a broken towel rod. There are also no tools necessary, making it even more convenient to use. The invention has an adjustable rod to fit any length and is available in various shapes to match all dcors. Also, it is ideal for repairing all broken towel rods, whether it is in the bathroom, kitchen, or virtually anywhere. The use of the Replacement Rod provides a quick and effective means to quickly repair broken towel rods and eliminates any need for reworking or demolition.

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