Removably Attachable Button

This invention is a clothing buttonthat is attached with a post and cap assembly.

  • Provides Permanent or Temporary Repair 
  •  No Tools Needed 
  •  Attaches To Any Garment 
  •  Available In Most Sizes 
  •  Does Not Requires Sewing


Utility Patent #8,938,861

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Shan McLendon of Crowley, TX has designed an attachable button to make button repair both faster and simpler.

One of the most common attachment means for clothing is the ordinary button and buttonhole.  The button has been around for generations because of its simple and easy-to-use design.  One disadvantage of buttons, however, is that they are prone to falling off of clothing and becoming lost.  This takes up valuable time in ones day to either sew the button back on or find a replacement button.  Not everyone has the sewing skills required to repair the button, which may only leave the option of replacing the entire item of clothing.  Inventor McLendon has created a way to easily replace buttons on clothing as either a temporary or permanent fix in order to save time and money.

This clever new invention attaches to any garment without requiring sewing or tools.  The exposed cap portion is designed to mimic the appearance of a standard button and is available in most sizes.  To repair a missing or damaged button, one simply has to push the pin through the fabric and attach it to the back of the cap portion.  The use of the Removably Attachable Button provides a quick and easy means for repairing lost buttons on an article of clothing without requiring the time to sew the button in place.

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