Removable Rack for Inflatable Boat

The Removable Rack for Inflatable Boat is a removable outboard storage platform for an inflatable boat.

  • Provides Up To 6 Square Feet of Additional Storage Space
  • Gets Supplies, Food, Gear, Fuel, and Other Items out of the Bottom of the Boat
  • Extremely Convenient
  • Does Not Affect Balance of Boat
  • Installs and Removes in Seconds without Tools


Patent Pending

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Edward C. Schrenk, Jr. of Surrey, BC has created a removable outboard storage platform for an inflatable boat.

Recreational boating is enjoyed by many. The ability to get outside and enjoy warm weather, sunshine, and water makes boating truly enjoyable. Many people choose an inflatable boat or zodiac style boat. These boats are ideal when fishing, or just exploring local waterways and lakes when camping. Unfortunately, their inflated sidewalls greatly reduce the amount of space available on the inside of the boat. When even a small amount of supplies such as food, fishing gear, fuel, or safety equipment is brought on board, it becomes almost impossible to move about. This lack of mobility can negatively affect the users safety as well.

Inventor Schrenks clever new invention provides up to 6 square feet of additional storage space. It gets supplies, food, gear, fuel, and other items out of the bottom of the boat. It is extremely convenient. The rack will not affect the balance of the boat. It installs and removes in seconds without tools. The use of the Removable Rack for Inflatable Boat provides boat users valuable storage space onboard in a manner which is quick, easy, and effective.

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