Remote Control Retriever

The Remote Control Retriever is a remote controlled duck decoy with retrieval capability.

  • Effectively Retrieves Downed Waterfowl from Bodies of Water
  • Driven By Electric Motor
  • Provided with “V”-Shaped Retrieval Net
  • Works from Hundreds of Yards Away
  • Durable and Long Lasting


Utility Patent # 10,321,674

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Easton Goodwin of Madill, OK has created a remote controlled duck decoy with retrieval capability.

This clever new invention effectively retrieves downed waterfowl from bodies of water. A motorized propeller is driven by an internal battery. It has an on onboard receiver connected to an antenna. It is connected wirelessly to a remote transmitter in much the same manner as a remote controlled car. The invention offers speed control and direction control. A V-shaped retrieval net is located on the front of the decoy. It is used to catch and push downed birds or even other decoys back to the hunter who is on shore or in a boat. Whats more, it works from hundreds of yards away! Act now!

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