Remote Control Door Opener

The invention is a device that provides a disabled, handicapped, or injured user ample time to pass threw electric door opener often seen on public buildings.

  • Remote Control System
  • Restores Independence and Confidence
  • Universal Frequency for All Doors
  • Installed With Minor Electrical Connections
  • Eliminates Searching For Door Switch



Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Billy Brian Soney of Wallaceburg, ON has developed a device to assist physically impaired individuals with entering the door of a building.

People with physical disabilities, such as the elderly, the handicapped, or those recovering from injuries or surgery know the difficulties of performing various basic tasks. What comes easily to some, such as climbing stairs or bending down to tie ones shoes, requires extreme physical exertion or assistance from others for those who are physically challenged. One recent addition to help these individuals cope with everyday challenges is the electric door opener often seen on public buildings. By simply pressing a wall-mounted button nearby, an electric actuator opens the door, allowing the handicapped individual to pass. However, the door opener switch is often difficult to access or hard to find. Inventor Soney has created a means by which remote control door openers for handicapped access can be more easily activated.

This clever new invention eliminates searching for the door switch by providing the user with a simple remote control system which is easily installed with minor electrical connections. It has a universal frequency to allow it to be used with all doors. The invention also helps to restore the users independence and confidence. The use of the Remote Control Door Opener allows physically challenged users to quickly and easily pass through door openings, thus reducing their reliance upon others.

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