Releasable Button

Inventor Jonkeo D. Ingels of New York, NY has developed a style of button designed to be used as a fashion accessory or for permanent or temporary replacement of lost buttons on clothing.

  • Utilizes Pin and Base Configuration
  • Provides Permanent or Temporary Repair
  • Attaches To Any Garment
  • Does Not Require Sewing
  • No Tools Needed

Story Behind the Invention

The industries relating to personal style and fashion are constantly growing and evolving. People are continually striving to create and maintain their personal style while keeping in tune with the latest trends as they hit the fashion scene. Among the many facets of which these multi-million dollar trades are comprised, fashion accessories have always been one of the most prominent markets. Inventor Ingels has created a simple, yet eye-catching accessory that is both functional and fashionable.

This clever new invention resembles a conventional button, but is more versatile since it does not have to remain permanently attached to clothing. It uses a pin and base configuration that easily attaches to any garment without the inconvenience of requiring sewing or tools. Not only is the invention great for simply adding an attractive accessory onto clothing, hats, or even bags, but it is also ideal as a permanent or temporary fix for a lost button. Additionally, it is perfect for use by men, women, and children. The Releasable Button allows anyone to add an eye-catching accessory to almost any article of clothing, while also functioning as an easy-to-use fix for a missing button.

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