Refuse Container With Handling Features

This invention is a trashcan with special features that allow the can to be carried and lifted with increased ease.

  • Decreases Risk of Injury
  • Lower Transport Handle
  • Recessed Opening for Shoulder Carrying
  • Padding for Extra Comfort
  • Ideal for Landscapers & Construction Workers


Utility Patent #8,757,428

Story Behind the Invention

Inventor Marvin Daune Daudelin of Pinellas Park, FL has created a trash can with enhanced features that allow it to be carried and lifted with increased ease.

As anyone who performs a lot of physical work will attest, nothing beats having the proper tool for a job, and each field of physical work has its own type of specialty tools. However, no matter the field of work, one aspect of all projects is the removal of trash and debris. Such waste is typically placed into smaller trash cans and carried to a larger central collection point such as a dumpster. Often the trash cans must be carried long distances, thus subjecting the worker to muscle aches and pains in their arms and backs. These same problems can exist when carrying trash cans around the home. Inventor Daudelin has designed a means by which waste can be easily carried to a proper disposal area without the difficulties associated with traditional trash cans.

This clever new invention is ideal for landscapers and construction workers, but can be used in the home and in other working fields. The lower transport handle and recessed opening will decrease the risk of injury when carrying heavy and awkward loads. For additional comfort the outside of the invention will be padded. The use of the Refuse Container with Handling Features allows one to move trash cans for relatively long distances in a manner which is comfortable, easy, and effective.

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